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The Hi-Force BoltRight software programme is designed to assist engineers in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and a wide variety of other Engineering Industries where accurate and consistent “bolt up” of components is required.  The programme allows the user to input key joint data related to flange size and class, for all ANSI/ASME, API and ISO type flanges along with the applicable bolt material, gasket material and type, operating temperature, preferred or specified method of bolt tightening (torque or direct tension), friction reducing lubricant to be applied, or the applicable value of friction coefficient necessary for torque tightening applications. Based on the information entered, the BoltRight programme will analyse all of the data and produce a comprehensive calculation sheet along with the required torque or tension figures to ensure an accurate and correctly bolted joint is achieved.


BoltRight will also create an individual tightening procedure for each bolted joint, which can include specific information such as plant owner name, bolting contractor company name, joint tag reference number and any special remarks all of which can be easily entered into the procedure by the user.  These individually produced tightening procedures can also be added to a master joint register, allowing the contractor and/or plant operator to implement a comprehensive on-site Flange Management System.  Both the individual tightening procedures and the master joint register can be either printed or stored electronically to ensure full traceability.


Whilst calculating the applicable torque or direct tension figures the BoltRight programme will also calculate the required pump pressure settings for the selected Hi-Force hydraulic wrench or bolt tensioner to be used. In most cases the programme will offer a multiple choice of suitable Hi-Force tools based on the applicable torque or tension figures and the design output capacity of the tools recommended. For ease of use BoltRight also includes detailed technical information on all of the Hi-Force tools that it recommends for the respective application.


For bolt tensioning applications BoltRight also offers the user a choice of 25%, 33%, 50% and 100% simultaneous bolt tensioning options along with the applicable A and B pump pressure settings for all options, excluding 100% simultaneous tensioning, where only one pump pressure setting is required. For torque wrench applications the BoltRight programme will calculate the required pump pressure settings for a 25%, 50% and 100% applied output torque figure, which is the recommended three stage procedure when using a single hydraulic torque wrench to tighten a multiple bolt flange in a diametrically opposed manner.  The tightening procedure will also provide the necessary bolt numbering sequence to ensure that the bolts are tightened in the correct numerical order.  


Currently the BoltRight programme is available in English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian and Italian with the addition of further languages an ongoing process. The BoltRight programme is Windows compatible and only available by download from www.hi-force.com and www.boltright.com using an authorised password issued by Hi-Force. Applications for the password can be made via the website.


Since the introduction of the Hi-Force BoltRight software programme in early 2005, the programme has continued to evolve and develop into what we believe is the best and most user friendly bolting programme available in the world today. As further development of the programme is an ongoing process, mainly driven by customer requests for additional features and benefits, we have designed the website download in such a way that the programme expires every 90 days, to allow for ongoing programme upgrades to be made. Authorised users can easily obtain an upgraded version by requesting a new password via the Hi-Force or Boltright website.